About Mark

Fun for Mark is working with clients to create the data systems and processes that give them the power to become as profitable and self-sufficient as possible. As a consultant, Mark helps clients consistently use KPIs to analyze the business and make data-driven decisions that move the needle on revenue. That includes pricing, retention, marketing and sales KPI’s. 

Mark has 2+ decades of digital marketing experience as owner of digital marketing agency Attract More Clients, in Mass. Mark’s current passion is helping businesses thrive in a post Covid world through hybrid business models, involving live streaming and monetized on-demand replays. Mark is the co-owner of thestreamsuite.com, built for a Pilates studio client, and he can help you to build and market your own. When Mark isn’t helping clients grow their business, he enjoys doing Pilates, cooking, playing with his cats and doing woodworking projects around the house.

About Consulting

Consulting from Pilates Business Pros is all about growing a business and helping you achieve your goals with an interactive and collaborative approach. Mark and the team provide guidance through phone calls, e-mails, collaboration through shared Google Docs and more. We will start by getting into your own MINDBODY site and running the reports that help establish a baseline for your business and map out a path to greater success.

Interaction and collaboration between you the business owner and your consultant will help you reach your goals faster by using a team approach.

Below you will find a variety of services that may be provided during the consulting relationship. All services and combinations of services would be tailored to the individual needs of your business.

Live Video Streaming

video streaming
  • Equipment Advice
  • multi-camera set up
  • Wireless Audio
  • Recording Management
Archiving video content
  • Playlists
  • YouTube Alternatives
  • Amazon S3 storage set up
  • Membership Access

MINDBODY consulting services

MINDBody Optimization
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Retention Analysis
  • KPI Analysis
  • Client Index Optimization
  • E-Mail Automation
MINDBODY Branded Web
  • retargeting configuration
  • Intro Offer Conversion Tracking
  • custom redirect page URL recommendations
  • Online Client Intake Forms

Other consulting services

Facebook and Social Media
  • social media content
  • Post automation
  • Facebook Page Audience Growth
  • Facebook Ads and Retargeting
digital marketing
  • online presence audit
  • display ad retargeting
  • e-mail nurture campaigns
  • E-Mail list building strategies