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Setting up An A.P.T. Stream Suite

About Setting up An A.P.T. Stream Suite

The Agile Production Technique is going to revolutionize the way you create content. No editing, no postproduction, no delay just your expertise captured in real time because that's how good you are! 

What you see in the video above is the result of multiple iterations and adjustments over time since July of 2020. 

This training is designed to give you every detail of a you need to gain the same capability that took us two years to develop in a matter of an afternoon!

That's not an exaggeration! 

  • The details in this training
  • The equipment and accessories you need to purchase are all on the Stream Suite Gear list found at the bottom of the first lesson. 
  • A handyman, to manage necessary attachments to the walls or ceiling

This course Is everything you need to know to get set up to record your content in real-time. 

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Setting up An A.P.T. Stream Suite

About Mark Firehammer

When he is not creating content for Pilates Business Pros, training business owners to be better marketers, or producing multi-camera on-demand fitness content for FitStreams.club, you can find him playing with his cats, working in his metal and woodworking shop or sharing a meal and a bottle of wine with friends.

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