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consulting, Trainings and marketing resources for Pilates business professionals

You know how unsatisfied and stressful it is when you are trying to do 10 different jobs, some of which you're not even sure about how to do?  

We get it.  We were there.

After working with Pilates Business Pros you’ll be back doing what you love: teaching, managing, growing your business! 

why work with us?

  • We own a fitness business too.
  • Our expertise is market proven.
  • What works for ours will work for yours.


Helping to create the data systems and processes that give you the power to become as profitable and self-sufficient as possible. Use KPIs to analyze the business and make data-driven decisions that move the needle on revenue. From pricing, to retention, marketing and sales KPI’s. ...


Whether you need a follow-up e-mail series for your intro offers, evergreen social media content, increase local visibility, or paid traffic To get new leads or retarget existing ones, we've got you covered.

Studio Optimization

The pandemic has required fitness facilities to comply with social distancing mandates. Doing that doesn't have to mean sacrificing the client experience for safely. See how we integrated social distancing while improving  flow, maximized revenue and rediced 

about us

We use our experience to create yours

Our team is made up of two veteran Pilates studio owners, and a MINDBODY certified business consultant who has owned a digital marketing agency since 2001. So we've been there and done that. Everything that we have to offer you, we've already done for ourselves and got the results we were looking for. 

If you're struggling to pivot your business in a post-pandemic world, we can help. 

The good news is, that we've already done it. The best news ever is, that it's not difficult, just unfamiliar. Let us show you.

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Discover how we make a difference with your company

Consulting from Pilates Business Pros is all about growing a business and helping you achieve your goals with an interactive and collaborative approach. Mark and the team provide guidance through phone calls, e-mails, collaboration through shared Google Docs and more.


Check what our clients say about us

You’ll be in good hands with Pilates Business Pros

Mark, Katrina and Laurie were recommended to me as the folks that could help get my website up and running and assist with marketing. If there were ever a dream team of 3 perfect people to form a group to help other Pilates studios be successful, these are the 3. Katrina, a senior educator with Polestar Pilates, is also a studio owner with a dance background. Laurie, Katrina’s business partner has mastered studio management, organization, and the marketing of Pilates with amazingly creative campaigns to bring more clients and keep them coming back. While Mark, brings to the table a mastery of marketing and Internet technology across the board along with the real knack for teaching. He has an uncanny ability to break down the complexities of marketing into simple to understand terms and concepts that truly show the value of marketing for your business. You’ll be in good hands with Pilates Business Pros.

Cindy Kneiser
Pilates Studio Owner

They empowered me to open, manage and grow my pilates business

The dynamic team of Mark Firehammer, Katrina Hawley and Laurie Johnson were essential in the development of my Pilates business, from my teacher training, all the way through to my marketing and website. I knew absolutely nothing about how to start the process. The team was timely, responsive and informative. They empowered me to open, manage and grow my pilates business.

Arice Staeb
Pilates Studio Owner

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