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The Get Social Done Designs

Evergreen social media content creation memberships will forever change the way you do social media for your business. The idea is simple,

  • Do a years worth of Social media content creation work, In a few hours
  • Use that content over and over again year after year.

Your most valuable commodity is time because it's limited, so think of this workshop as buying yourself an extra two weeks vacation every year for the rest of your business life. 

available editions

US Holiday Edition

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Joe Quotes

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Joe Quotes Word Art

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Hash Tag Holidays

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Fun Fact Friday

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Inspirational Quotes

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How to "Get Social Done" Tutorials

getting organized

The tutorial videos below will guide you step-by-step through the process of getting organized and will drive. As well as downloading the assets in your getting social done membership into the file organization that you create or download..

open, edit, download & organize Canva files

The tutorial videos below will guide you should do the process of accessing, editing, downloading and organizing your Canva templates.

CAnva is a trusted PBP partner.

prepare your posts for automation

The tutorial video below will show you how to prepare your posts for automation.

schedule your posts

The tutorial videos below will show you how to download your prepared post automation spreadsheet, and then schedule than using HootSuite.

 Learn the Process taught by

Laurie Johnson & Mark Firehammer

Pilates Business Pros

What you’ll get in these memberships

  • Simple easy-to-follow video how-to tutorials by Mark and Laurie.
  • Blank Slate Canva template with all the post set up already.
  • One or More Starter Design Canva templates just require a quick color change and logo to match your brand.
  • A post scheduling spreadsheet already set up for the entire year of United States holidays to help you manage your content, and schedule it for the entire year or years.
  • A social media campaign creation checklist, to track the progress of your campaign creation.
  •  BONUS VALUE: Our 12 month planner spreadsheet.
  • .BONUS VALUE 2:  Social Media Assets organization folders, prearranged and downloadable for managing your content.

What You Need for these memberships

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