In the online marketing space, everybody loves the quick win. 

Using Video To Survive the Economic Impact of the Corona Virus Crisis

Depending on where you are in the world your studio is either about to, or already is experiencing a dramatic increase in cancellations because of the Corona Virus Crisis or you already are.

The Pilates Business Pros Team has mastered the art and science of using video in their own Pilates studio business.  

In 2 hours you will have a specific and doable action plan that will allow you to deploy remote instruction on demand or live streaming, using tools you already own, combined with free and or inexpensive video tools.


Session Deliverables

During the planning session Mark will spend time listening to your dreams and challenges, discussing your goals, as well as exploring what an ideal day would look like for you in your business.

  • Craft a carefully worded e-mail that invites your clients to be a partner in collaboration to maintain the economic viability of your studio.
  • Create 2 different pricing options to cover all possibilities, including if things get so bad that you have to have a complete shutdown due to major outbreak in your community.
  • A specific plan for how to deploy your video-on-demand or live streaming service offering on your own website.


The Team

  • You will be in good hands with the Pilates Business Pros Team!
  • We deployed our own system within 48 hours of  recognizing the need so we can help you do the same.
  • Mark has more than 20 years of experience in helping others use video effectively in their business.
  • Laurie and Katrina have owned and operated The Pilates Studio in Hadley Massachusetts since 2010.
  • We have all been partners in Pilates business pros since January of 2019.
  • We use the Ultimate 2.0 MINDBODY and branded mobile app for our studio and Ultimate 2.0 MINDBODY for PBP.
The Pilates Business Pros, Mark Firehammer, Laurie Johnson, Katrina Hawley

We Will Help You Be Accountable

Additionally you will be invited to join our private Facebook group Pilates Professionals where we work together to help each other implementing this and other strategies, to maintain strong and vibrant Pilates services in our individual communities worldwide.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Part of our mission and values is win-win or no deal, which means that if after our first session of this or any introductory offer, you don't think that the Pilates Business Pros team and services are a good match for you and your studio, we will give you your money back in full. 



You’ll be in good hands with Pilates Business Pros

Mark, Katrina and Laurie were recommended to me as the folks that could help get my website up and running and assist with marketing. If there were ever a dream team of 3 perfect people to form a group to help other Pilates studios be successful, these are the 3. Katrina, a senior educator with Polestar Pilates, is also a studio owner with a dance background. Laurie, Katrina’s business partner has mastered studio management, organization, and the marketing of Pilates with amazingly creative campaigns to bring more clients and keep them coming back. While Mark, brings to the table a mastery of marketing and Internet technology across the board along with the real knack for teaching. He has an uncanny ability to break down the complexities of marketing into simple to understand terms and concepts that truly show the value of marketing for your business. You’ll be in good hands with Pilates Business Pros.

Cindy Kneiser
Pilates Studio Owner

They empowered me to open, manage and grow my pilates business

The dynamic team of Mark Firehammer, Katrina Hawley and Laurie Johnson were essential in the development of my Pilates business, from my teacher training, all the way through to my marketing and website. I knew absolutely nothing about how to start the process. The team was timely, responsive and informative. They empowered me to open, manage and grow my pilates business.

Arice Staeb
Pilates Studio Owner

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